About ICS

At ICS our main priority is our waterjet cutting services. We are not a parts manufacturer with spare waterjet capacity. Many other fabricators and machine shops offer waterjet services but have a large variety of other services and commitments. This results in many customer projects receiving minimal attention and being completed with longer lead times. We offer fast turnaround because abrasive waterjet cutting is all we do.

Our Start

ICS was formed to fill a gap in the cutting service industry

The founders of ICS recognized a need to enhance the waterjet cutting service experience by implementing technology and management strategies that allow for the most efficient process possible. ICS' owners have worked in the aerospace industry for over a decade. During their career they realized that the industry lacked a waterjet company that provides same-day quotes and had quick lead times.

As a result ICS opened our doors for business in July of 2020. Our team continued to grow and we held our ribbon cutting ceremony on September 9, 2020. 


Meet the team

Darius Kania

President &Co-Owner

Darius is the owner and president of ICS. His entrepreneurial spirit is what helped turn ICS into what it is today! Darius has led the company to be successful the first few months in business. Under his supervision we have shipped out over 10,000 parts.

Ibrahim Ibrahim

Vice President & Co-Owner

Ibrahim is the VP at ICS. He specializes in operations and customer support. Ibrahim has also received professional 5-axis cutting training from Flow International. He is always looking for new ways to help grow ICS!

Rick Comeau

Waterjet operator & Drafter

Rick is the waterjet operator & drafter at ICS. He is a master of CAD drawings, measuring tolerances, and quoting waterjet cutting projects. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, he has helped take ICS to the next level!

Alexia Marchetti

Marketing Specialist

Alexia is a new member of the ICS team and deals with all things marketing related. She has enjoyed working on new marketing initiatives, providing customer support, redesigning our website and watching the company grow!

Ryan Friedman

Waterjet operator

Ryan is a waterjet operator at ICS. He has extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. Ryan has previously held positions in machining and as an aerospace welder.

Nicholas Gagne

Office Coordinator

Nicholas is the Office Coordinator at ICS. He is currently finishing up his degree at Central Connecticut State University in Management with a focus in human resources.

The Company

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