Industries Served

From medical device manufacturing to architecture, waterjet cutting is utilized in almost every industry. The versatility of the machines is what allows them to be used in the production of so many products. ICS uses state-of-the-art Flow waterjet machines, which ensures we can maintain quick cutting speeds and great accuracy.

Industries Served


The versatility of a waterjet machine makes it perfect for the automotive industry. The waterjet machine has the capabilities of cutting both interior and exterior components. Professionals in the automotive industry often use this process because of its precision, smooth edges, and lack of mechanical stress.


The manufacturing of military machinery depends heavily on abrasive waterjet cutting. The waterjet machine’s versatility allows for it to be used for a variety of materials and projects that are typically difficult to machine, including: composites, rotary blades, jet engines, and various metals up to 11" in thickness.


Waterjet cutting in architecture is the preferred cutting process, because of the machines capability to cut thicker materials in irregular shapes while maintaining accuracy and cutting at fast speeds. Materials that are often cut by a waterjet and used for architectural applications include: acrylic, woods, metals & alloys, and stone. This process is perfect for custom designs.

Aerospace & Aviation

Precision in manufacturing is imperative for the aerospace industry, and there is zero margin for error. Waterjet cutting services can be used to make components for jet engines and turbine blades. This process is often used to cut composite materials for aircrafts. The lack of heat-affected zones during this process means that there is no thermal distortion, making waterjet cutting the superior cutting method for the aerospace industry.


Abrasive waterjet cutting has become so advanced that it now allows us to serve the medical industry. The machines ability to hold tight tolerances and cut angles up to 60 degrees makes it the ideal choice for many medical manufacturers. This process allows medical manufacturers to increase their productivity by cutting down on the time it typically takes to cut the materials they need. Waterjet cutting can be used for prototyping and for larger runs of components.