Flow Waterjet Machines

Intelligent Cutting Solutions (ICS) uses state-of-the-art Flow waterjet machines with the industry's fastest cutting speeds and highest accuracy. All of the machines used at ICS have the following cutting-edge waterjet technology: 

Taper Compensation: ICS's Flow waterjet machines feature automatic taper compensation. This consists of an articulating wrist that eliminates stream lag and kerf taper errors. This results in the most accurate cuts while maintaining higher speeds.

5-Axis and Bevel Cuts:  ICS's Dynamic XD™ cutting head has technology that allows our waterjets to cut bevels up to 60°. Our waterjet machines can cut complex 3D shapes. The waterjet cutting head wrist articulation has a motion capability of up to 89°.

FlowCut® Software: The FlowCut software Instantly translates most design files into a waterjet pathing software. This allows ICS to create the program for most parts within a few minutes, saving our customers time and money. The software also has a fully integrated 3D modeling module, which allows for programming 3D (5-Axis) and beveled cutting. 

HyperJet® 94i-S Intensifier Pump: ICS's waterjet pump delivers 94,000 PSI, almost doubling the cutting speed of most conventional waterjet pump systems.

5-axis waterjet head (1)

Key Components


The Machine

ICS is home to three Flow Mach 500 machines with 5-axis cutting heads and two Flow Mach 300 machines with standard waterjet cutting heads.


The Control System

The waterjet control system includes the operator's interface, feedback systems, and the FlowXpert Software ICS's operators use to program and run the machines. 


The HyperJet Pump

The HyperJet 94,000 PSI intensifier pump with dual pressure control allows the waterjet machines at ICS to cut faster and increase production capabilities. 


What clients are saying

  • You did everything you said you were going to do did it in the time frame you quoted for the price you quoted. Workmanship was above what was expected. Very happy.

    Jeff Buyer

  • Ric is amazing! Everyone here at our company appreciates how time and time again, he steps up and does what it takes to help us out.

    Dave W. Research & Development

  • Everyone I have dealt with at ICS has been really great. All are very friendly, professional and just a pleasure to work with. RFQ's are responded to promptly and your pricing can't be beat.

    David M. Estimator

  • The quality and and reliability from ICS is far better than I have dealt with from other past Vendors.

    Roger. P. Buyer

  • Prompt attention to customer questions and equally fast quote reply. We were also very pleased with work quality.

    Jamer S. Mechanical Engineer

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