Designing for waterjet

Waterjet Edge Quality

When designing for waterjet cutting you should plan on a tolerance of .005". The minimum inside corner radius of ICS's machines is approximately .020" and can create a minimum hole diameter of .100".  ICS's waterjets are capable of cutting a variety of materials of varying thicknesses. The max sheet size of ICS largest tables are 10' x 3".

20% surface finish

20% Surface Finish

20% is a very high-quality finish and is also the most accurate with a tolerance range of +/- .003”. This finish operates the waterjet machine at the slowest cutting speed.

40% edge finish

40% Surface Finish

40% edge quality is achieved by slowing down the travel speed of the waterjet stream. This is ICS's standard cut and is most often chosen by our customers.

60% finish

60% Surface Finish

60% edge quality is a medium-rough waterjet cut. The striations are not as noticeable as the 80% finish, but the pieces take longer to be completed on the waterjet machine.

80% finish

80% Surface Finish

80% edge quality is the fastest speed and has very visible lines. It's best suited for applications where the edge quality is not critical or finished machining is required.

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