What Sets ICS Apart

We are a cut above the rest! We are not a parts manufacturer with spare waterjet capacity like others in the industry. ICS solely offers waterjet cutting services, allowing us to prioritize your orders. 

Many fabricators and machine shops offer waterjet cutting services, but it is one of many services they have in their portfolio. This often causes a lack of attention to your order, and the company will prioritize completing its own parts before tending to outside orders. 

ICS works hard to give our customers high-quality cuts with fast lead times. Our team is trained to give the utmost attention to each project that comes through our doors. Our multiple machines help us support a wide capacity, and our disruption plan helps us avoid delays. 


We make submitting RFQ’S easy

Upload your design on our website easy-to-use rfq intake form or reach out to our sales team by emailing sales@icscuts.com

Our most common (and preferred) file format is a . DXF file, although we do accept AI, EPS, and DWG files. Most graphic design and CAD software do allow you to export your designs into one of these vector-based formats. These files are what make collaboration on drawings and designs possible, this format is fully scalable and will retain its quality.

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Regular status updates & clear communication

ICS’ customer support & sales teams will notify you when they receive your quote. Long gone are the days of your quote never being acknowledged. Following a quick overview by our team you will be notified of an expected quote completion date. ICS processes most quotes within 24 hours however larger quotes with multiple components & detailed parts may exceed the standard 24 hours. 

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Comprehensive solution; Value Added Services

ICS offers a truly comprehensive solution by including deburring, sandblasting, and supply chain management as value-added services. In addition, ICS works closely alongside Lynn Welding to offer welding, machining, and fabrication services.

Value-Added Services

Competitive pricing & Expert Guidance

the ICS sales team is trained to work with you to offer competitive pricing on all of our quotes. With ICS, you can rest assured you are getting a truly good price on cutting your components.

Over a decade of waterjet experience; ICS’s team is here to help from start to finish. Our team of engineers is available to answer all your design questions and help calculate the exact amount of material you will need for your next 

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Material intake & inspection

Upon delivery of material ICS completes a thorough physical inspection to check for damage. The receiving personnel will perform a visual inspection of materials' thickness, size, damage, and any other visible non-conformance. Our team then identifies and sorts incoming materials by customer and job number. ICS ensures that all material specifications match our customer's request and enough has arrived to complete the job. This step in our quality management system is in place to avoid material mix-ups between customers and delays in production. 

Certifications & Approvals

AS9100 Approved supplier: The AS9100d certification is a quality management system for aviation, space, and defense organizations. 

ISO9001 Certified: ISO9001 is another quality management standard that ICS implements. This certification presents specific standards that allow us to increase business efficiency and boost customer satisfaction.

ITAR Compliant: The ITAR compliance program is a set of regulations that are required by the U.S. government for any company that is involved in the manufacturing or shipping of defense articles or services


ICS Contract Review

upon receiving materials and a purchase order the ICS team begins their contract review process. All customer purchase orders or contracts are reviewed to ensure that product requirements are defined, and confirm that ICS has the ability to meet the defined requirements, including delivery and post-delivery activities.  Members of our engineering and quality teams are responsible for reviewing customer requirements and transferring them to the job router. This includes confirming drawing revisions, clarifying quality requirements, and sending a sales order acknowledgment over to the customer with an expected completion date.

Advanced Scheduling

ICS plans our production schedule at least one week in advance. Our scheduling processes take into account machine capacity and available labor to create an optimal schedule that offers quick lead times to our customers while maintaining achievability. ICS implements an interactive and visual approach to scheduling to promote collaboration amongst our internal teams. 

Extensive Disruptions Plans

ICS has an extensive company-wide disruption plan in place to avoid delays in delivery commitments.

  • Spare Part Inventory: ICS’s production team keeps back-ups and replacements of parts that commonly fail due to the natural wear and tear from the abrasive process.
  • Machine Monitoring System: ICS also monitors all five of our Flow waterjet machines 24/7 through a performance portal.
  • Preventative Maintenance: ICS Schedules regular preventive maintenance checks to ensure our waterjet systems are running at optimal performance. 

Fixture building & design services

ICS’s engineering and production teams work together to develop and build any custom tooling that is needed to ensure the highest quality cuts can be made. Proper fixturing is crucial to maintaining the accuracy of waterjet cutting. The ICS engineering team takes vertical force, lateral force, and collisions into consideration during fixture design and development. 

Nesting & Material Optimization experts

ICS’s state-of-the-art machines and highly skilled staff make nesting parts easy. Our team is trained to nest parts in a way that minimizes scrap and maximizes material usage.

Utilizing State-of-art Equipment

ICS uses state-of-the-art Flow waterjet machines that have the fastest cutting speeds and highest accuracy in the industry. All of the machines used at ICS have the following cutting-edge technology.

ICS Technology

Full Visual & Dimensional Inspections

Every job that comes into ICS receives a first-piece inspection to ensure the part is dimensionally accurate before the remaining quantities go through production. When any first article inspections are performed, the ICS team follows the AS9100 format, and the resulting records are documented and retained as necessary.

ICS conducts a 100% visual inspection and sample dimensional inspection for all jobs following the full production run. Dimensional inspection reports are available to all customers upon request. 

Advanced Shipping Procedures

Upon project completion our shipping department goes through an extensive shipping list to ensure the correct quantities are packaged, all parts have been properly cleaned, required certs are included, and inspections were performed. ICS’s shipping department then properly packages up the completed parts to prevent damage in transit. 


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What clients are saying

  • We cannot say enough about the quality and great turn around times from ICS. they are going to be an asset to our company. It has been very easy communicating with Rick to get exactly what we need. We are looking forward to a long relationship between ICS and our company.

    Roger P. Estimator

  • Everyone I have dealt with at ICS has been really great. All are very friendly, professional and just a pleasure to work with. RFQ's are responded to promptly and your pricing can't be beat.

    David M. Estimator

  • Rick and his team are fast to respond to request and questions. The lead time they provide is perfect for our projects. Rick has also been very accommodating if an issue with an order needs to be addressed. My team of engineers and designers in our Special Gage Division at Starrett all know about ICS.

    Samuel W. Engineer & Senior Designer

  • Rick and Nick take incredible responsibility of every part they make for us. The quotes are reasonable, the turnaround times are fantastic, and the communication is top-tier.

    Scott. E Advisory Mechanical Designer

  • This was the first utilization of ICS for Atlantic Fabricating. Rick Comeau was extremely responsive and even with our extremely critical, time sensitive request the team at ICS was able to make things work and ensure that we had parts. We are extremely grateful for the work that ICS has done and will most definitely be looking to utilize ICS more.

    Patrick M. Procurement Manager

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