Beveled cutting (3)

Beveled Cutting

Feature Dynamic XD™ cutting head technology that can cut bevels up to 60°. This allows ICS to cut complex 3D shapes. The cutting head wrist articulation has a motion capability of up to 89°

The new technology that ICS has is perfect for cutting out plates that will be welded onto an assembly. Many times these plates require a weld prep or bevel. Things to keep in mind when dealing with beveled cuts are the edge quality and kerf. 

edge quality

Edge Quality

ICS waterjet cutting services provide the best possible edge quality, in part because the process does not introduce any heat or mechanical stress. There is no heat-affected zone (HAZ). In most cases, the edge finish can be used as is without the need for removal or further finishing of the edge.

edge quality (1)

Narrow Kerf

ICS exclusively uses Flow waterjet machines, these machines are known not only for their accuracy but also for their minimal kerfs. The waterjet stream is so narrow that the resulting kerf is only about .040”. Allowing ICS to maximize your material usage, reduce scrap, and save you money.

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