Precision Waterjet Cutting

Intelligent Cutting Solutions (ICS) offers precision waterjet cutting services that offer tight tolerance capabilities for most materials. Some of the most common tight tolerance requirements come from the aerospace and defense industries.

The main advantage of using this process for such components are the lack of heat-affected zones, quick cutting times, tight tolerances, varying material capabilities (in terms of type & size), and no thermal distortion.

Waterjet Kerf

ICS exclusively use the Flow waterjet machines, which are known for their accuracy and minimal kerfs. This minimal kerf (.030" -.040"), is a result of the narrow stream. With such a precise range, we are able to maximize your material usage, reduce scrap, and save you money. 

Table sizes

ICS is able to accommodate large parts that fit on our 10' x 13' cutting bed. 

Edge Quality

ICS waterjet cutting services provide the best edge quality because the process does not introduce any heat or mechanical stress. In many cases, the edge finish can be used as is without the need for any removal or finishing.

Cutting Axis

ICS machines are capable of cutting 2-axis, 3-axis, and 5-axis.  

Machine Accuracy
  • Linear straightness accuracy: +/- .0381 mm/m [+/-.0015 in/3ft]
  • Repeatability: +/- .025mm [+/-.001 in]
  • Ballbar circularity: +/-.0635mm [+/-.0025 in]

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ICS has had the privilege of waterjet cutting pieces for some of the most well-known aerospace & aviation companies in the world. We’ve had the opportunity to work with prestigious universities that are currently at the forefront of innovative & technological advancements.

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