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Contract Waterjet Cutting 

Located in Newington, CT 

ICS is located in Connecticut and services varying industries within the U.S. 



We are ISO9001& AS9100D Certified.

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Our staff is trained to get you your quotes within 24 business hours.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing by at least 10%.

Large Table Sizes

Our machines have large table sizes so we can accommodate for larger scale projects.

Fast Lead Times

Our main priority is waterjet cutting resulting in fast lead times. Our team also has distribution plans set in place to avoid delays.


Our waterjet operator has been in the industry for over 12 years, and our owners bring over a decade of experience in the aerospace to ICS.

ICS Advantage

Intelligent Cutting Solutions is able to cut a variety of materials with ease. Whatever your business, we service every industry, including automotive, aerospace, stone and tile, tool and die, gaskets, and fabrication.

We can cut metal,  stone, plastics, compositesglass,  ceramics, rubber, and more. Our equipment can cut through materials up to 11" thick with superior edge quality and no heat-affected zone.


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Customers served

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ICS has had the privilege of cutting pieces for some of the most well-known aerospace & aviation companies in the world. We’ve had the opportunity to work with prestigious universities that are currently at the forefront of innovative & technological advancements.

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Waterjet Cutting is all we do

At ICS our main priority is our waterjet cutting services. We are not a parts manufacturer with spare waterjet capacity. 
Many other fabricators and machine shops offer waterjet services but have a large variety of other services and commitments. This results in many customer projects receiving minimal attention and being completed with longer lead times. 
We offer fast turnaround because abrasive waterjet cutting is all we do.

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