Waterjets are widely known for their versatility in cutting. They have the ability to cut through materials like plastic, rubber, glass, tile, stone, and even metal. Waterjet cutting is perfect for cutting complex signs that require precision and detail. The risk of thermal distortion is eliminated in these projects due to the process not introducing any heat or mechanical stress. Waterjet cutting also removes the need for post-cutting edge touch-up, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process than traditional methods of cutting.

Waterjet cutting is a popular process for sign production, as the messaging is typically conveyed in two dimensions and the waterjet has the ability to produce precise results. Whether your sign project entails the cutting of logos, lettering, or images, the waterjet can provide exactly what you need. Metal is the most common material used for sign cutting, but signs can be cut from virtually any material due to the impressive versatility of the waterjet.

When having a sign cut, you can choose to either have individual letters made from material and assembled post cut or have your letters & designs cut from within a solid frame. The approach a customer selects is entirely dependent on their individual needs, but it is important to note that the latter is easier to install because it is a single piece. When selecting the design of your sign, consider how you want it to look in the space and how you want it to be mounted before deciding whether you would prefer individual letters or one single unit.

The superior 5-axis waterjets at Intelligent Cutting Solutions are equipped with Dynamic XD cutting head technology that cuts bevels up to 60 degrees and has a cutting wrist articulation with motion capability of up to 89 degrees. This Dynamic XD technology allows us to cut complex 3D shapes with the ultimate precision, providing our customers with the highest quality for their signs. Waterjet cutting offers a number of benefits that heat-based cutting methods cannot provide, making it the premier choice for sign cutting.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting for Signs

  • Material thickness. Waterjets have the capability of cutting through materials of up to 11” in thickness while laser and plasma cutting can only cut through 1” and 3” thick materials, respectively.
  • Material versatility. While traditional cutting methods tend to work only on metals or conductive materials, waterjets can cut through any material.
  • No heat input. Unlike plasma, EDM, and laser cutting, waterjet cutting employs a cold cutting process that requires no heat input.
  • No thermal damage. Due to the heat involved in traditional cutting processes, significant distortion and thermal damage occurs as a result, unlike in waterjet cutting.
  • Quick turnaround. Heavy deburring and even layer removal is essential in cleaning up the edges when using traditional cutting methods, adding time to the cutting process. Because waterjets create precise cuts that do not require any edge clean-up, the turnaround time is substantially quicker.
  • Cost effectiveness. Because waterjets do not require the use of additional fixtures or clamps, the process is much more cost-effective than that of their traditional counterparts.

Many companies that offer waterjet cutting are parts manufacturers or machine shops who specialize primarily in other areas but also have spare waterjet capacity. When getting a custom sign cut, the best results come from a company that specializes only in waterjet cutting and can make your project a priority. The owners of Intelligent Cutting Solutions worked in the aerospace industry for over ten years before forming the company after recognizing the need for an efficient waterjet cutting company that could enhance the waterjet cutting experience for clients. Waterjet cutting is all ICS does and the team is experienced, attentive, and deeply committed to customer satisfaction.

Why go with Intelligent Cutting Solutions for your sign-cutting needs?

  • Over 10 years of experience in the waterjet cutting industry
  • Specializing only in waterjet cutting, ensuring the best and most efficient service you can find
  • Delivers quotes within 24 hours
  • Provides customers with regular status updates so that they always know where we’re at in the process
  • Provides local pickup and delivery
  • Equipped with multiple waterjet cutting machines, allowing ICS to support a wide capacity
  • Customer service and satisfaction is a top priority

Whether you’re looking for a stone, metal, or acrylic sign, waterjet cutting is your best bet in achieving optimum results with the quickest turnaround time. Intelligent Cutting Solutions can walk you through the process from start to finish, guiding you and providing advice along the way. If you want a sign that makes your business stand out and attracts new customers, working with the best possible sign cutting service is key. 

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