ICS orders two state-of-the-art Flow Waterjet systems

waterjet cutting pump

ICS is pleased to announce that it will be receiving two Flow waterjet machines in June 2020. These machines feature advanced technology that can perform multi-axis cuts in a large variety of materials. The waterjet machines will be powered by Flow’s most powerful, 94,000 psi, HyperJet pumps. ICS plans to use these machines to provide waterjet cutting services in Connecticut and surrounding states. ICS specializes in waterjet cutting Aerospace Alloys but also provides waterjet services to other industries such as construction, medical, architectural and defense.

“We are really excited about the acquisition of these new Flow Waterjets. They will give us an advantage because they are brand-new, and downtime due to maintenance issues will be minimal” said Darius Kania, co-owner of ICS.

ICS was started by Ibrahim Ibrahim and Darius Kania because they saw a need for a reliable waterjet cutting company in Connecticut. ICS only provides waterjet cutting services so they can stay focused on one core competency and not be distracted by other processes. This strict concentration is what allows for a reliable and on time waterjet cutting experience.

Please visit www.icscuts.com for more information about our waterjet cutting services.

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