Internal material intake & inspection:

Upon delivery of material ICS completes a thorough physical inspection to check for damage. The receiving personnel will perform a visual inspection of the materials' thickness, size, damage, and any other visible non-conformance. Our team then identifies and sorts incoming materials by customer and job number. ICS ensures that all material specifications match our customer's request and enough has arrived to complete the job. This step in our quality management system is in place to avoid material mix-ups between customers and delays in production. 

Certifications & Approvals 

AS9100 Approved Supplier: The AS9100d certification is a quality management system for aviation, space, and defense organizations. This ensures that ICS has a structure that allows our business to adapt to changes in the industry, and address product and safety concerns.

ISO9001 Certified: ISO9001 is another quality management standard that ICS implements. This certification presents specific standards that allow us to increase business efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. Some of the principles included in this approach are good leadership, customer-centered focus, continual improvement, and team involvement.

ITAR Compliant: The ITAR compliance program is a set of regulations that are required by the U.S. government for any company that is involved in the manufacturing or shipping of defense articles or services.

ICS Contract Review:

upon receiving materials and a purchase order the ICS team begins their contract review process. All customer purchase orders or contracts are reviewed to ensure that product requirements are defined, and confirm that ICS has the ability to meet the defined requirements, including delivery and post-delivery activities.  Members of our engineering and quality teams are responsible for reviewing customer requirements and transferring them to the job router. This includes confirming drawing revisions, clarifying quality requirements, and sending a sales order acknowledgment over to the customer with an expected completion date.

Identification & Traceability: Every incoming job receives a ticket, is issued a unique job number, and is entered into our ERP system to ensure traceability.

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