At Intelligent Cutting Solutions (ICS) we are trained to be extremely receptive to the needs of our customers. We understand that in order for Intelligent Cutting Solutions to stay successful we must always strive to help our customers achieve their goals. Simply put; our goal is to help you achieve your goal. Only when our customers can achieve their goals, can we position ourselves in the winner’s circle.

“Waterjet Cutting Is All We Do” is not just our current slogan, We are not a parts manufacturer with spare waterjet capacity. We only provide waterjet cutting services which allows us to stay focused on one activity and we don’t put our own orders ahead of yours.

We strive to provide the best possible waterjet service in Connecticut and surrounding states.

Intelligent Cutting Solutions (ICS) not only specializes in waterjet cutting Aerospace Alloys, rubber, plastics, glass and stone, but also provides value added services such as material sourcing, tumbling, sand blasting and other welding and fabrication services through our sister company Lynn Welding.


We strive to respond to every quote within 1 business hour. We have a fully experienced sales team to give you the best competitive waterjet cutting price and lead time.


You will always receive a sales order acknowledgment (SOA) within 24 hours of receiving the order outlining price, due date and scope of work whether it’s abrasive waterjet cutting or nonabrasive and the edge quality of the cut. The sales order acknowledgement means your order is in motion and on schedule for production.


As soon as your waterjet cutting job is scheduled, we will notify you with the most accurate due date or confirm that we are in track. We also provide continual status updates through out the processes if your job requires post waterjet finishing such as tumbling or sand blasting.


You will always receive your order within 5-7 business days if not sooner. With our multiple advanced waterjet cutting machines and disruption plan in place, you will never hear “we are late because our waterjet machine is down”.


Every job goes through a final inspection and with our AS9100 / ISO9001 quality system, the risk is extremely low for a quality escape. We perform 1st piece inspection, upon waterjet cutting the 1st piece, in process inspection when there is a change in the process and final inspection upon the completion of the job.


Lastly upon the completion and successful inspection of the job, our shipping team will pack the job according to the customer requirements. Intelligent Cutting Solutions also provides delivery to local customers in Connecticut.

Please visit for more information about our waterjet cutting services.

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