Waterjet cutting is a great way to quickly cut any metal to any shape in the most affordable way. But before selecting a waterjet cutting service company you should consider a few things to make sure you are selecting the best company. We have created a checklist below to help you make the best decision when shopping for waterjet cutting services.

Does the waterjet vendor have a quality system?

If you are looking to cut aerospace parts or an architectural component you should find a waterjet cutting business that has a registered quality system in place. ISO 9001 or AS 9100 quality systems ensure a company will comply with quality requirements such as:

  • 1st Pc Inspection of each job to ensure all parts are procced in compliance with drawing requirements.
  • Tracing and identifying raw material to prevent mixing material
  • Thorough purchase order review to ensure proper drawing revisions are used and all instructions from the customer are followed.
  • Regularly scheduled and documented calibrations are performed to ensure dimensional accuracy and equipment lifecycles are maximized
  • Discrepant product controls are in place to prevent shipping bad parts.

Does the waterjet vendor have multiple machines?

You should select a waterjet cutter that has multiple machines. Companies with more than one machine provides or allows for contingency if the machines break down or if the machine is overloaded with work.

Does the waterjet vendor specialize in cutting material only?

Many full-service manufacturers market their waterjet capabilities, but they have other projects, services and commitments besides waterjet cutting. Many times, they will put their own orders in front of yours to make sure their products get to their customers first. There may also be a conflict of interest as the full-service manufacturers may be your direct competitor.

Does the waterjet vendor offer timely quotes?

If you are not getting your quote on the same day this is often an indication of poor efficiency and time management. If your request for quote is answered within the hour this is often a sign that you are dealing with a customer service-oriented water jet cutter. If you are not getting your quotes in the same day, you will probably not get timely service either.

Does the waterjet vendor provide regular status updates?

Your water jet cutting company should acknowledge the receipt of your material and advise you of an accurate completion date. If you are not getting this type of communication, you will probably have a bad experience.

Does the waterjet service company provide Material Sourcing?

Your waterjet cutting company should be able to provide you with the material if that is your wish. Make sure they have a registered quality system in place with a procedure on verifying and maintaining material certifications.

Does the waterjet vendor acknowledge tolerance and edge finish?

Your waterjet service company should advise on the edge finish and tolerance of the parts they will be cutting for you. Many times, waterjet vendors select the fastest cutting speed to maximize profits, but this comes at a cost to you. The faster the cutting time the worse the edge finish and tolerance will be. Make sure they advise you what the edge finish will be and what tolerance they can hold, otherwise, you may be disappointed with the quality.

More information about ICS’s waterjet cutting services in the Central Connecticut Area can be found on their website at www.icscuts.com. ICS specializes only in waterjet cutting services so our customers can be assured that we will not neglect their orders due to other priorities.

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