Advanced Scheduling

ICS plans our production schedule at least one week in advance. Our scheduling processes take into account machine capacity and available labor to create an optimal schedule that offers quick lead times to our customers while maintaining achievability. ICS implements an interactive and visual approach to scheduling to promote collaboration amongst our internal teams.

Extensive Disruptions Plans

ICS has an extensive company-wide disruption plan in place to avoid delays in delivery commitments.

Spare Part Inventory: ICS’s production team keeps back-ups and replacements of parts that commonly fail due to the natural wear and tear from the abrasive process. Keeping an in-house stock of spare pumps, nozzles, and mixing tubes ensures consistent production.

Machine Monitoring System: ICS also monitors all five of our Flow waterjet machines 24/7 through a performance portal. This portal can help us detect abnormalities in the performance of our waterjets early so we can prevent machine downtime.

Preventative Maintenance: ICS Schedules regular preventive maintenance checks to ensure our waterjet systems are running at optimal performance. These preventative measures help to mitigate unexpected breakdowns.


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