Fixture building & design services: ICS’s engineering and production teams work together to develop and build any custom tooling that is needed to ensure the highest quality cuts can be made. Proper fixturing is crucial to maintaining the accuracy of waterjet cutting. The ICS engineering team takes vertical force, lateral force, and collisions into consideration during fixture design and development. 

Nesting & Material Optimization experts: ICS’s state-of-the-art machines and highly skilled staff make nesting parts easy. Our team is trained to nest parts in a way that minimizes scrap and maximizes material usage.

First-Piece Inspection for every job: Every job that comes into ICS receives a first-piece inspection to ensure the part is dimensionally accurate before the remaining quantities go through production. When any first article inspections are performed, the ICS team follows the AS9100 format, and the resulting records are documented and retained as necessary.  

Utilizing State-of-art Equipment: ICS uses state-of-the-art Flow waterjet machines that have the fastest cutting speeds and highest accuracy in the industry. All of the machines used at ICS have the following cutting-edge technology.

Taper Compensation: Features automatic taper compensation. This consists of an articulating wrist that eliminates stream lag and kerf taper errors. This results in the most accurate cuts while maintaining higher speeds.

5-Axis and Bevel Cuts: Three of the Ics machines feature Dynamic XD™ cutting head technology that can cut bevels up to 60°. This allows us to cut complex 3D shapes. The cutting head wrist articulation has a motion capability of up to 89°.

FlowCut® Software: Instantly translates most design files into a waterjet pathing software. This allows us to create the program for most parts within a few minutes, saving you time and money. The software also has a fully integrated 3D modeling module, which allows for programming 3D (5-Axis) and beveled cutting. 

HyperJet® 94i-S Intensifier Pump: Delivers 94,000 PSI which almost doubles the cutting speed of most conventional waterjet pump systems.

Full Visual & Dimensional Inspections: ICS conducts a 100% visual inspection and sample dimensional inspection for all jobs following the full production run. Dimensional inspection reports are available to all customers upon request.

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