We make submitting RFQ easy:

Upload your design on our website's easy-to-use rfq intake form or reach out to our sales team by emailing sales@icscuts.com

Our most common (and preferred) file format is a . DXF file, although we do accept AI, EPS, and DWG files. Most graphic design and CAD software do allow you to export your designs into one of these vector-based formats. These files are what make collaboration on drawings and designs possible, this format is fully scalable and will retain its quality.

Regular status updates & clear communication:

ICS’ customer support & sales teams will notify you when they receive your quote. Long gone are the days of your quote never being acknowledged. Following a quick overview by our team you will be notified of an expected quote completion date. ICS processes most quotes within 24 hours however larger quotes with multiple components & detailed parts may exceed the standard 24 hours. 

Comprehensive solution; Value Added Services:

In order to offer a truly comprehensive solution for our customer's needs ICS also offers deburring, sandblasting, and supply chain management as value-added services. In addition, ICS works closely alongside our sister company Lynn Welding to offer welding, machining, and fabrication services to create a seamless experience for those needing secondary services. 

Deburring: ICS’s skilled deburring technicians understand the​ importance of breaking a sharp corner without over grinding and adding an out-of-tolerance radius.​ ICS  offers various types of deburring such as precision hand deburring, tumbling, blending, polishing, and de-tabbing. 

Sandblasting: Sandblasting is an affordable way to clean parts, and is perfect for prepping parts for painting or other coating processes. Thanks to our sister company, Lynn Welding we are able to utilize blasting cabinets large enough to accommodate 250 lbs. worth of parts at one time. 

Supply-Chain Management: ICS strives to offer a convenient and efficient process for our customers. One of the ways we do this is by giving our customers the option to have ICS manage material sourcing, and delivery logistics, and to opt into our stock & release program. 

Lynn Welding: ICS can manage the production of your components from start to finish. With the capabilities of our sister company, we can see your parts through the completion

Competitive Pricing

the ICS sales team is trained to work with you to offer competitive pricing on all of our quotes. With ICS, you can rest assured you are getting a truly good price on cutting your components. 

Expert Guidance

ICS’s team is here to help from start to finish. Our team of engineers are available to answer all your design questions and help calculate the exact amount of material you will need for your next project.

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